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Educational Equipments

Educational Equipments,
Laboratory Equipments,
Technical equipments,
Scientific Equipments &
Material Testing Equipments
to cover following Laboratories.

Educational Labs:
• Fluid Mechanics/ Hydraulics Lab
• Hydraulic Machinery Lab /
  Turbo Machinery Lab
• Theory of Machine Lab
• Refri. & Air Conditioning Lab
• Heat and Mass Transfer Lab
Industrial Fluid Power Lab
Measurement and control Lab
Thermodynamics Lab
Titling Flume
• Steam Power Plant Lab
• Heat Engines Lab
Production Technology Lab
• Metrology and Quality Control Lab
Material Testing Lab (SOM Lab)
• Models/Automobile Lab
Refrigeration & Air - Conditioning Equipments

Production Technology Labs

• Rugged Machine with Ground Bed
• Drive to Both Axes with powerful Stepper Motors
• Imported Ground Ball Screw with Zero Backlash
• Variable Speed DC Drive to Spindle with DC Motor
• Constant Surface Cutting Speed is possible
• Wear Resistant Turcite material is Provided on Beds
• Specially Designed Cross Slide Casting For Turret/Tool post Mounting
• Stick slip Motion is Totally Avoided
• Best Dynamic Performance with Ramp Function For Stepper Motor Drive
• Totally Enclosed High Visibility Guard
• Machine is Directly Linked to PC Hence Loading Of Program On Micro-controller is not Required
• Independent and Modular Power Drives are provide for both the axes
• Burn in Components are used in controller which works at 150% Load
• Powerful PC Software for Graphic
• Off Line Help Facility & Programming Also Available
• High Speed Integer Interpolation System For Circular Interpolation
• MDI Programming Facility
• Display Of Actual Feed Rate, Spindle Speed In Execution & Simulation Mode
• All Error Codes Are Shown In The Form Of Graphics
• Various CANNED Cycles Are Provided
• Automatically Detects Wrong Step in Programming
• All Electronic Cards are Tested at 50 Degree Centigrade
• Safety Functions With Emergency Stop,Overtravel Limits
• Alarm & Self Diagnosis Functions are Provided
• Easy Maintenance with Spare card System by Layman
• User Friendly & Detail Operation and Provided
• Lynch as well as Metric Programming
• Subprogram with Repeat Facility
• Manual & Programmable Machine Stop
• Single Block Or Auto Execution
• Full New,Edit.Load.Delete & Print Mode
• Programmable Dwell
Model VLM_T 100
Center Height 100 mm
Distance Between Centers 200 mm
Max.Machining Diameter 30 mm
Max.Longitudinal Travel 250 mm
Spindle Inside Taper MT2
Spindle Speed (Back Gear Provided) 40 to 2000 rpm.
Cross Slide Inclination 0 Degrees
Standred Cutting Tool Size 12 x12 mm
Spindle Motor DC Motor,1HP
Threading Straight
Automatic Lubrication Points Provided
Input System Metric / Inch
Control Axes Simultaneous axes
Interpolation Linear, Circular
Minimum Increment 0.005 mm
Minimum Movement Command X (Radial) 0.005 mm
Minimum Movement Command Z 0.005 mm
Rapid Feed Rate X 400 mm/min
Rapid Feed Rate Z 800 mm/min
Dwell (Seconds) Programmable
Tool Offset 12 Sets
Backlash Compensation Provided
Inch/Metric Conversion G20,G21
Constant Surface Speed Control G96,G97
Canned Cycle Available
Speed Override 20% - 160%
Feed Override 40% - 120%
Emergency Stop Provided
S Function S3 or S4
N G T M Functions Provided
Repeatability ± 0.020 mm
Coolant System Provided
Lubrication System Provided
Axes Motor Stepper Motor,400 Step / Rev.
Turret 8 Station, Make :-Pragati
Max. X AXIES Travel 120 mm
• Table Locking Facility With Stepper Motor Brakes
• Slide Motion Through Recalculating Ball Screw
• Programmable Feed Rates in mm/min. From 1 mm/min to 300 mm/min
• Rapid Feed – 800 mm/min
• Manually Operated Quick Change Tooling Facility
• Circular Interpolation in al Planes
• Program Entry Through Keyboard, Via IBM PC Computer
• Single Block,Auto,Jog Models Of Execution
• Canned Cycle For Drilling, Boring, Peck Drilling, Counter Boring, Slot Milling
• Axis Limit Switches Using Interlocks For Safety
• Improper / Faulty Tool Operation Sequence is Detected
• Emergency Stop is Provided

• Length : 500 X 200 (Approx.)
• T Slot : 10 mm
• X Axis Traverse : 250 mm
• Y Axis Traverse : 150 mm
• Z Axis Traverse : 200 mm
• Spindle Speed : 100-2500 rpm
• Spindle Power : 1.00 HP
• Axes Control : 3 axis (X,Y & Z Simultaneously)
• Least Count : 0.005 mm/min
• Rapid Traverse Rate : 800 mm/min
• Feed Rate : 0-400 mm/min
• Axis Drive : DC Stepper Motor For All Thr Axes
• Programming : G,M,F,T,S,I,J,K,S,C,B.
• Canned Cycle : Slot Milling, Rectangular

Circular Pocket Milling
• Electrical Power : 230 V,50 Hz
• Positional Accuracy : ± 0.020 mm
• Lubrication System : Provided

We are Leading Manufactures of Educational Training Equipments and our setup is situated at Satara (MAHARASHTRA, INDIA)
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